The tempered glass panels are easily cleaned. Above the ground, the dust and water don’t accumulate on the glass panels.

All available accessories for the pool and balcony fences are entirely made of stainless steel. They don’t rust.


One year warranty on glass fences and accessories against any manufacture defects. Parts or defective glass fences will be replaced at no charge for the customer.


Elegance Fences meets the highest safety standards for its glass panels. They are designed with a certified 12mm width tempered glass. This glass is processed by controlled thermal treatments to increase its strength. Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass and if it would break through an act of force majeure, it would crumble into small chunks with no or very few sharp edges.

Due to a large number of drowning, the governments have accepted to impose a mandatory pool fence regulation. A glass pool fence meets the same eligible safety criteria than a traditional fence, with the advantage of preserving the view intact and clear of obstacles for the occupants. In addition to meet the governmental requirements, Elegance Fences offers as well a lock with a key to ensure greater safety.


Elegance Fences installation team works professionally and according to standards in the field of glass fencing. We offer installation service everywhere in Quebec!

A free estimate at your residence, without any obligation, gives you an excellent evaluation of the installation options available, such as an installation on cement or concrete slabs where the spigots are poured, or an installation on wood patio where the spigots are screwed.

This service answers all your needs by a safe installation complying with governmental requirements, and for which the job is guaranteed 1 year, as well as the hardware.

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