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A free estimate at your residence, without any obligation, gives you an excellent evaluation of the installation options available, such as an installation on cement or concrete slabs where the spigots are poured, or an installation on wood patio where the spigots are screwed. Our glass fences are ideal for securing in-ground pools or balconies. We also offer the installation of glass fences throughout Quebec!

This service meets all your needs through a secure installation, compliant with government regulations, whose work is guaranteed for 1 year as well as the hardware.


Elegance Fences meets the highest safety standards for its glass panels. Designed with 12mm thick certified tempered glass, this glass is treated by rapid cooling processes to increase its impact resistance. Tempered glass is much more resistant than ordinary glass and in the event of force majeure, it shatters into many small pieces with little or no sharp surfaces.

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